Rob-e The DJ Entertainment Group Wedding Q&A:

You have come to the right place to choose your Melbourne Wedding DJ or Orlando Wedding DJ. Whether you are having a small intimate wedding, or you are having a large wedding that’s over the top, Rob-e TheDJ Entertainment Group has got you covered.  We will customize your wedding so that it will fit your exact needs! Whether you want just a simple setup, or you want to go over the top with up lighting, or even a photo booth, Rob-e TheDJ Entertainment Group can provide the exact atmosphere that you’re looking for!

One thing to remember when your looking to hire an Melbourne Wedding DJ or Orlando Wedding DJ is to ask lots of questions. Well versed and experienced DJs will be able to answer those questions with no problems. We have compiled a list of questions to ask to ensure that you are hiring the best wedding DJ possible!

1.  Are you a part time DJ, or do you do this for a living?

There is a big difference from a “weekend warrior” aka a part time mobile DJ, to the DJ that does his job full time for a living. DJs that are full time put everything they got into their business. They keep up with what’s trending in the industry as well as keep up with the latest and greatest music. Make sure that your Orlando dj for hire is versatile and well rounded as well. It’s important that a DJ can bring you a high level of expertise and energy to your event.

2. How many Weddings have you done?
A seasoned DJ does on the average of 50-70 weddings per year. They usually are booked out a good ways in advance. Now this doesn’t include special events as well. By doing so many events month in and month out, the wedding DJ will be well versed in all aspects of how a wedding reception works, as well can help you in the planning process too.

3. Can I customize my wedding to my specifications, or do you just have standard packages?
This is a big deal breaker. Rob-e The DJ Entertainment Group prides ourselves in being very diverse. We will customise your entire wedding to make it the dream wedding you have always imagined of.

Every wedding is completely different. The most important part is the music selection. A DJ that is skilled will have no problem playing all the songs on your playlist and on your do not play list. We let our couples know that they are in full control of the music at their wedding and that we will program the music to fit in at the appropriate time at their wedding.

4. Have you done a Wedding at my specific venue?
Most full time DJs have performed at a wide variety of wedding venues. They will know the layout of the building as well as know how much equipment they will need to make the event successful. If you have different specifications and wants, and even if we have performed at the venue a hundred times, we have no problem walking the venue with you to lay out the room exactly how you want it. After all, it is your day!

5. Are you licensed and Insured?
This is a one of the most important questions you can ask your wedding professional. Not only does this separate the pros from the amateurs, but this one question could save you from a lot of legal problems in the event of an accident. The purpose of your DJ having liability insurance is in case of an accident. For example, a speaker falling over and hurting a guest. If your DJ does not have liability insurance, you or the venue could be held responsible for an accident. That is the last thing you want on your special day. Most wedding and event venues require DJs to provide proof of insurance so that they are not held liable in the event of an accident. Rob-e TheDJ Entertainment Group is fully licensed & Insured.

6. Will you be the actual DJ at my event?
We have a staff of 3 DJs that work at Rob-e TheDJ Entertainment Group. Most likely you will be working with Rob who is the owner. He has been a wedding pro for many years so you can expect nothing less than perfection!  Some couples prefer a DJ and MC combination, so you get two for the price of 1!  We also have DJ Melvin and DJ Andrez who are amazing party starters as well! Melvin and Andrez also specialize in Latino weddings. Our entire staff at Rob-e TheDJ Entertainment Group have many years of experience to bring you the most unforgettable experience at your wedding or event!

7. How often can we meet to discuss the planning of our wedding?
When you hire us, we offer unlimited consultations to prepare for your wedding. We have streamlined the process so that it makes it easier for both you and us. You will start out by filling out our wedding intake form online. That gives us all the important information we will need to know. From there, we will meet and discuss the information given. Also, we will prepare a timeline of events so everything moves seamlessly. Usually we will communicate in between consultations through email or phone conversations. The final consultation will usually be two to three days before the actual wedding, just to make sure everything is in place and to give you peace of mind.

8. Do you offer other services other than DJ?
We are a full service entertainment provider. We not only provide state of the art digital sound systems and hIgh energy emcees, we have a full array of options to make your wedding the perfect dream wedding! We have high powered LED dance floor lighting, up lighting, gobo/monogram lighting, multiple sound systems for the reception, cocktail hour and the wedding ceremony. We also have dancing on a cloud, which is fog that lays low to the floor to simulate you dancing on an actual cloud. One of our most popular options is Video. We can provide our 10X12 Video screen(s) with hi-def projectors or LCD flat screen TV’s and create a video montage of pictures for the bride & groom.

9. Do you bring backup equipment?
Not often, but every once in awhile there may be a piece of equipment that malfunctions. If that happens, we are prepared with backup equipment onsite. You never know when a hard drive might fail, or a wire may short out. We always carry backup equipment with us to prevent any hiccups at our weddings and events.

10. Does your DJ service ever take breaks?
We never take breaks. When you hire us to perform at your event, we are there to set the mood. From the ceremony, to cocktail hour all the way through dinner and to the grand exit, the music is continuous. Weather it is subtle dinner music, or while everyone is dancing, we keep the music going until the wedding reception is complete and the bride & groom have exited.

Bride on a Budget

• Up to 4 hours of continuous music
• Experienced DJ/MC in Requested Attire
• Up to 12 LED Up Lights
• Digital Sound System
• Unlimited Consultations Prior To The Event
• You get to design your own Pre-Requested Song List
• Additional Time Available @ $75.00 Per 1/2 Hour

Deluxe Wedding Package

• Up to 5 hours of continuous music
• Experienced DJ/MC in Requested Attire
• Digital Sound System
• LED dance floor lighting
• Up to 16LED Up Lights
• Unlimited Consultations Prior To The Event
• You get to design your own Pre-Requested Song List
• Additional Time Available @ $75.00 Per 1/2 Hour

The Big Show!

• Up to 6 hours of continuous music • Experienced DJ/MC in Requested Attire.
• Digital Sound System• LED Dance floor Lighting• Up to 24 LED Up Lights
• Monogram Gobo lighting with the design of your choice
• Wedding Ceremony Sound System with microphone for officiant (If Needed)
• Unlimited Consultations before The Event
• You get to design your own Pre-Requested Song List
• Additional Time Available @ $75.00 Per 1/2 Hour

Al-a-Carte Add ons for more of the WOW Effect!

• Wedding Ceremony Sound System with microphone for officiant (If Needed)
• Monogram Gobo lighting with the design of your choice
• Cake Spotlight (2 Pin Spots)
• Bride & Groom table spotlights (2 Pin Spots)
• Gift table spotlights (2 Pin Spots)
• Dancing on a Cloud
• Video Montage on 10×10 Video Screen or 2 Flatscreen TV’s